More women face domestic violence

Kathmandu, November 2

Domestic violence against women is growing at an alarming rate with an adverse effect on their mental and physical health, a recent data has revealed.

The data was collected by Women’s Rehabilitation Centre, a non-government organisation working for the protection and promotion of women’s rights, during the month of September/October.

According to data, as many as 54 cases of violence against women were documented in the period while 57 per cent of the survivors were victims of domestic violence. The record showed that 13 per cent women were subjected to physical torture, five per cent suffered mental torture, five per cent were raped and four per cent were sexually abused and accused of witchcraft.

Likewise, six per cent were victims of trafficking whereas two per cent each were cases of rape attempt, verbal abuse and polygamy. “Domestic violence against women is deep rooted in our society, but the survivors often choose to keep quiet.

The abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, or a combination of all three and occurs in all social classes, ethnic groups, culture and religion,” stated the data.

he impact of such violence on survivors, about 58 per cent of the victims were predominantly undergoing physical torture and 42 per cent were suffering from mental torture.

Violence against girls and women between the age of 17-30 was recorded the highest with 61 per cent survivors.

Similarly, 23 per cent survivors belonged to age group between 31-45 years while 13 per cent of them were below the age of 16 years and three per cent were between 46-60 years.

The data further stated that the husbands were found to be the perpetrators in 68 per cent VAW cases while other family members were involved in 32 per cent of such cases.