Women journos recount woes

LALITPUR: More than a dozen woman journalists representing media houses across the country today expressed their woes to Margurite H Sullivan, senior director, Centre for International Media Assistance, and an independent journalist.

Speaking at a programme coordinated by the US Embassy, Sullivan appreciated the rise in the number of women journalists in the country. “Three decades back, there were very few women journalists. Our capabilities used to be questioned and we often faced humiliation. But now, a lot of women are running their own media organisations while many are competing neck and neck with the male journalists.”

Women journalists working for media stationed outside the valley said they were not paid, while those based in the capital said the news sources often denied them information. Babita Basnet, president, Sancharika Samuha, said, “Despite the challenges in media, women are coming up and seeking opportunities. The state must address their problems.”