KATHMANDU, OCTOBER 7 A non-government organisation, in association with USAID’s Tayar Nepal, organised a virtual inception workshop on Public Safety for Persons with Disability, recently. The virtual workshop was organised to discuss the types of materials that should be used in guideline, handbook and mobile app, the project has been developing. According to a press release issued by the foundation the project aims to develop useful informative materials on disaster risk reduction and management especially for persons with disabilities. Participants from both the government and non-governmental sector took part in the event. The participants in the event discussed guidelines and other reference materials being prepared by the project. They said an international legal and policy framework should be followed while developing the materials. Pallav Pant, Chairperson, Atullya Foundation highlighted the need to prepare disaster risk reduction materials for persons with disabilities for their safety. He said, “Socially and economically backward persons with disabilities are highly vulnerable to disaster. Therefore they should be included in planning and program implementation related to disaster risk reduction,” adding, “This will enable them to put forth their voice to respective authorities to address disability issues relating to the disaster.” He further mentioned that the one-year project is going to prepare disability inclusive disaster risk reduction guidelines, a handbook and an app that provides facilities for persons with disabilities, especially those who are hearing impaired, to be able to contact the first responders. During the webinar, guests and other participants urged the project team to thoroughly consult with the concerned stakeholders, especially persons with disabilities, activists and organisations working in the disability and disaster sectors before proceeding with the above-mentioned activities for the desired result. Participants from the government and non-government sectors stressed the need to develop a holistic approach to address the issues of persons with disabilities in disaster risk reduction materials.