World Bank keen on trash-fuelled plant

LALITPUR: The World Bank (WB) has shown interest in undertaking a feasibility study of a refuge-fuelled plant in the Kathmandu valley.

A WB representative today visited the Solid Waste Management and Resource Mobilisation Centre (SWMRMC) under Ministry of Local Development. Rajiv Gopal, financial operator, International Financial Cooperation of the WB, proposed its involvement in the survey.

"WB proposed the feasibility study for the reliability of establishing a trash-based industry," said Dr Sumitra Amatya, General Manager, SWMRMC. "The bank is also willing to provide experts."

WB is said to have suggested not carrying out the study in a haste, arguing that the bidder could end up not establishing the plant at all. "They insisted on granting the deal to a reliable bidder," Amatya added. "It is probable that the bank will provide a loan for establishing the plant if deemed feasible."The WB is also likely to offer incentives if the plant adopts a clean development mechanism. "We'll soon submit a proposal to the WB," she assured. About 600 tons of garbage is produced in five municipalities and adjoining VDCs in the valley.

Dumping obstructed

LALITPUR: Demanding jobs, 10 persons of Sisdole Landfill Site area in Nuwakot district

obstructed garbage disposal at Aletar for about two hours on Sunday.

The persons were employed to maintain the road during the rainy

season, according to SWMRMC. Only five of them have been cotracted for the next six months, said Dr Amatya. Dumping resumed when the police reached the scene later. — HNS