Writ filed at SC seeking open prisons

Kathmandu, August 21:

Demanding the establishment of open prisons and community homes, a writ petition was filed at the Supreme Court today. Prison Act 1962 calls for the establishment of open prisons and community homes.

Stating that the Interim Constitution has guaranteed rights of criminal justice and reform in the penal system, advocate Som Luitel filed the petition on behalf of People’s Forum for Human Rights. The petitioner claimed that Prison Act, 1962 had a provision of keeping detainees sentenced to jail term of less than three years in community homes. As per the Act, detainees, who had completed one- third of their term, should be kept in open prisons, the petitioner claimed.

The petitioner sought the apex court order to the government, Home Ministry and the Prison Management Department to appoint open prison officer and community home officers to implement the legal provision.