Yadav rejects talks sans commitment to rewrite Constitution

KATHMANDU: Federal Socialist Forum-Nepal Chairman Upendra Yadav, who has been leading the protesting Federal Alliance, said talks could not be held with the government unless the latter made a concrete political decision about rewriting the Constitution.

"If the government wants talks," Yadav said, "It must come with a concrete political decision."

"The government must express a political commitment to rewrite the Constitution and implement past agreements," he said, "Otherwise, no talks could be held."

Yadav accused Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of foiling environment for talks as he categorically rejected possibility of rewriting of the Constitution while addressing the House earlier.

He said he would never agree to hold talks with Kamal Thapa, Deputy Prime Minister and the coordinator of government talks team, claiming Thapa possessed "wrong thoughts."

Earlier, the United Democratic Madhesi Front had also questioned Thapa's leadership claiming he was against recent political changes including federalism and republicanism.

The protesting leader reiterated that the Constitution promulgated in September last year was racist and discriminatory and majority of the people did not accept it.

Yadav defended that the protest he had been leading was to save the nation from the clutches of "black marketeers and smugglers".