YCL hands over 6 ‘cheats’ to cops

Kathmandu, July 29:

Young Communist League (YCL) cadres on Friday took under control six persons, including five Liberians, for allegedly possessing fake US bills amounting to $1.5 million from Thamel and handed them over to the police today.

Presenting the six before the journalists, YCL Kathmandu Valley In-charge Sagar said they took control of the six persons when they were trying to cheat one Peter, a German national, at Thamel.

Those arrested are Liberians Frunk Godbless, Ali Xender Rotorn, CIlia Dawen, Hilton Kotech, Ramiyame Deko, and Nepali national Sangita Roka.

Sagar said the Liberians came via India and possessed a letter describing how they could repair mutilated ‘anti-breeze’ currency.

“The United States sends mutilated currency and a description on how to repair them, with its security forces to war-hit country so that they could safely reach it to the destination. Upon reaching the destination, they repair the mutilated bills and use them,” Sagar said quoting Frunk.