KATHMANDU: Police have arrested a man who had hacked Facebook accounts of more than 40 women and posted their obscene images and lewd messages to blackmail the victims.

Rahul Balmiki, 23, of Nepalgunj-12, Banke, who was arrested in his home district, was brought to Kathmandu for further investigation yesterday.

A choreographer by profession, Balmiki had hacked Facebook accounts of more than 40 women, especially those who aspired to become models. His intention was blackmailing them. Some victims are said to be his students.

Balmiki has been charged under the Electronic Transactions Act 2008.

SSP Sarbendra Khanal, in-charge, Metropolitan Police Crime Division, said cyber crime of late has been on the rise, posing threat to people’s personal security, dignity and identity.

“Though the MPCD has managed to resolve all reported cases, we have been finding it hard to curb cyber crime due to technological constraints,” said SSP Khanal.

Bringing guilty to book becomes impossible for police unless a victim categorically identifies the suspect in a complaint, say investigating officials.

SSP Khanal urged all concerned to be more cautious about privacy and safety before accepting friendship offers and responding to messages from unknown persons.