Youths demand safe city for women

Kathmandu, April 16

Raising voice for a safe city for women and against sexual harassment in street, public spaces and vehicles, Activista Nepal has highlighted what is happening at the national and local level to find potential solutions to these problems.

Activista Nepal, an alliance of youth established in order to engage them in joint activity for fighting social injustice and poverty, celebrated International Anti-Street Harassment Week from April 10-15 organising various programmes in the Kathmandu Valley.

The programmes included flash mob on street harassment, forum theatre and self-defense training, workshop on street harassment, street drama performance, youth voice through poem and flashcards, and chalking and fliers distribution.

“When it comes to travelling in the street, we have always been a bit cautious in terms of safety. I think I speak on behalf of many women in Kathmandu when I say that we are a bit alert when we pass by dark alleys and crowded places. Absence of streetlights and the ‘culture’ of not complaining or fighting for it, has made it even more difficult for women,” said Smarika Shrestha, a member of Activista Nepal.

Explaining further about the event, Anima Poudel, coordinator of Anti-Street Harassment week celebration and a member of Activista Nepal said, “In Nepal we started celebrating International Anti-Street Harassment Week from the year 2013. Street harassment has always been taken lightly and always neglected but it is one of the major problems faced by women, and girls especially.