Lalitpur, October 11:

Nineteen youths from 13 districts will participate in Operations Day’s Work to be held in Norway on October 26, and raise about Rs 280 million to ensure access to education for all students in nine districts of the country. They will also participate in the information campaign ‘International Week’ with the Norwegian schoolchildren and collect funds by working for a day in Norway. The participants will travel to around 200 schools in 20 counties of Norway to share their experience and inform their peers about the status of education in Nepal.

The Operations Day’s Work is the Norwegian schoolchildren’s annual solidarity campaign. Every year, 120,000 Norwegian students voluntarily take part in the campaign to raise funds to ensure access to education for all students in South and Central America, Africa and Asia. This year’s ODW campaign together with Save the Children Norway in Nepal will support working with youth for peace building and education.

The International Week is arranged two weeks before OD day. It aims to spread information about each year’s campaign and theme. The youths took part in a two-day orientation workshop with Ingeborg Breigstad, programme coordinator for Save the Children Norway, Oslo, after arriving in Kathmandu from their hometowns on October 9.