Abstract search for eternity

KATHMANDU: With the use of black, white, red, grey, and dim maroon colours, veteran artist Puran Khadka has created beautiful paintings in the abstract form. And the beauty of the abstract can be witnessed in his exhibition ‘The Wholeness’, that began at the Park Gallery, Pulchowk on August 2.

Each painting seems to be a piece of unsolved puzzle or a maze that does not have a beginning or end. All the paintings have geometric imagery and patterns using black, white, red and grey. And a vertical line in dim maroon hue is seen dividing a section of the painting’s white part in most of his works. The paintings look simple and neat, yet visually rhythmic.

If a good poem reveals a poet’s feeling towards what s/he is writing, an abstract art reveals the artist’s impression of his subject. Khadka seems to reveal his search for eternity.

He has shown the relation of the seen and unseen forces of life through the aforementioned hues. He says, “The combination of seen and unseen forces in life create the wholeness or eternity where eternity always exists. The use of white suggests light or what is seen in life, while the grey, red and black mean the hidden forces of life.”

According to him, the vertical line on the white part means life begins from birth and ends with death which is always in a linear form. He adds, “One is born and comes to light and if one wants to uncover the secret or find something about life, then it has to be done during the lifetime — the vertical line denotes the same. As eternity is abstract, I approached the abstract form to depict it.”

If you want to immerse yourself in the beauty of abstract art, then visit the exhibition that continues till October 30.