An evening of folk fusion

KATHMANDU: Folk songs have been sung, heard and passed from one generation to another since ages. However, along with the passage of time these songs have been improvised and are played with western musical instruments. Heard in a simple melody with Nepali tunes, these songs are being performed by Upendra and Friends Band with a fusion of Nepali musical instruments like dhime, maadal, khi, tabala and flute along with western musical instruments keyboard, zimbe, cajon and bass guitar. The band is performing at Bagaicha Restaurant and Bar, Jawalakhel on July 17, 6:00 pm onwards.

“We generally perform here before leaving for Fuji Rock Festival, Japan. As we are leaving on July 19, we will be performing in the Capital,” shared Upendra Lal Singh, (piano and keyboard) of the band.

The band has been performing in the Fuji Rock Festival since 2007 and this year they will be performing on July 24, 25 and 26 at the festival. The band will perform all the music pieces that will be performed in the festival in their performance in Bagaicha. “We will be performing our improvised, fusion music on folk pieces like Beni ko Bazaar, Saal ko Paat Ta, Resham Firiri, along with 10 other Nepali folk songs,” informed Singh. “The programme in Japan is being organised with a theme ‘Pray for Nepal’. All the money of the festival will be given to Nepal,” shared Singh.

Roshan Kansakar (Bass Guitar), Nikhil Tuladhar (zimbe), Babu Raja Maharjan (dhime, khi, tabala), Raman Maharjan (flute) will be accompanying Singh.