Apple reveals iPhone battery life fix

CALIFORNIA: Battery life has been the bane of iPhone users for the last four years, but now Apple has solved the issue, just not the way you might have hoped. The company has released the Apple-made Smart Battery Case for the iPhone 6 and 6S, which promises to boost the total talk time for the latest iPhone to 25 hours, or give 18 hours browsing over 4G. But the biggest complaint so far from users seems to be the design, which looks like a cheap Chinese knockoff. It certainly makes the phone heavier, more cumbersome and less ‘compelling’. The bulbous battery is neither slim nor streamlined with the rest of the phone, making third-party options look like slimline pieces of integrated high design. At least it solves the battery problem for some though, and as a bonus, it solves the sticking-out-camera-lens-lump problem – as the battery lump is larger. And, finally, it answers the perennial question: why doesn’t Apple fit a longer-lasting battery in the iPhone?