Nepal | February 28, 2020

Literary laureates to unveil their books in this month’s Paleti

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KATHMANDU: Nepal’s acclaimed literary laureates — Tirtha Shrestha, Kali Prasad Rijal, and Manjul are all set to grace this month’s Paleti concert at Nepalaya’s ‘r’ sala in Kalikasthan, the organisers said.

The concert will be a fusion of both music and literature, Nepalaya, the organisers, said in a press statement.

During the concert, acclaimed writers and composers — Tirtha Shrestha, Kali Prasad Rijal, and Manjul will unveil their books — ‘Dharsaidharsa Ko Chakrabeu‘, ‘Kadama Kaseko Jindagi‘, and ‘Samjhana Ka Pailaharu,’ respectively.

The concert will feature the songs written and composed by them, according to the organisers. They will also entertain the crowd on the Paleti’s stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively.

On Friday, Tirtha Shrestha will grace the Paleti concert and unveil his book during the show. “It’s my pleasure to unveil my book on the Paleti stage in this phase of life. It’s an unforgettable and satisfying moment of my life,” Shrestha said.

Similarly, Kali Prasad Rijal, who will feature on Saturday, said, “I am excited that my book will be launched during the Paleti concert.” He further said the book is all about the life journey of a simple common man.

Manjul will appear in the last episode of this month’s concert on Sunday. During the show, he will perform his own composed songs and share his past with the audience.

“I am very happy that my book will be unveiled from the Paleti stage,” Manjul shared.

Paleti’s coordinator and musician Aavas will interact with all the laureates to unveil their untold stories to the audience.

Remembering past glories and beautiful moments, Nepal’s acclaimed littérateurs will share those moments and entertain the audience in the upcoming Paleti concert on September 27, 28 and 29, Nepalaya said in the statement.

Ticket booking can be done through Paleti’s social media pages and through Nepalaya. Online booking and purchase can also be made through,, according to the statement.

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