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Nepalaya releases Kali Prasad Rijal’s ‘Kada ma Kaseko Jindagi’

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Writer Kali Prasad Rijal launches his new book by handing over to his grand daughter during Paleti concert in Kathmandu, on Saturday, September 28, 2019. Courtesy: Nepalaya

KATHMANDU: Writer and poet Kali Prasad Rijal’s ‘Kada ma Kaseko Jindagi‘ has been released during the Paleti concert at ‘r’ sala in Kathmandu, on Saturday, Nepalaya, the publication house, said.

Rijal, who also served as a civil servant for a long time, has incorporated then rural Nepal and his life journey in his book, Nepalaya said in the statement.

As many as eight songs written by Kali Prasad Rijal were performed during the Paleti concert. On the occasion, Rijal’s literature journey and his struggle during those days were shared with the audience.

The much-awaited event kicked off with the evergreen song–‘Kehi Mitho Baat Gara‘–which was written by Kali Prasad Rijal.

As the show went on, the author shared his musical bonding and friendship with late Narayan Gopal making the programme more memorable on the night.

“We used to meet regularly when I was deputised at the Department of Communication,” the author shared. I used to interact and give my opinion to him in various songs.

Rijal went on to share how he wrote these two songs “Aakha Chopi na Rohau Bhani‘ and ‘Jhare ko Paat Jhai‘ for Narayan Gopal on a day, Rijal added.

The audience got emotional as the prominent writer shared stories of the Badi community in western Nepal while serving in a government post. The book unfolds many hidden clues on how struggle makes a man successful.

The author launched the new book by handing over to his granddaughter who was also attending the show, a fusion of both music and literature, in this month’s Paleti concert.

Rijal then recited his poem ‘Pajero‘ sarcastically acknowledging the materialistic lifestyle adopted by the political leaders in the country.

The book is priced at Rs 595, according to Nepalaya.

Writer Kali Prasad Rijal poses for a portrait with his book ‘Kada ma Haseko Jindagi’ in Kathmandu, on Saturday, September 28, 2019. Courtesy: Nepalaya

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