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Nepalaya to launch Jeevan Kumar Prasain’s ‘Waripari nai Sarvopari’

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A cover image of the book titled ‘Waripari nai Sarvopari’ authored by Jeevan Kumar Prasain. Courtesy: Nepalaya

KATHMANDU: Jeevan Kumar Prasain, the author who taught us life lessons with his previous books, is all set to connect human with the nature in his third book ‘Waripari Nai Sarvopari‘, Nepalaya, the book publication has announced.

Acclaimed author Prasain is currently a faculty member at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, USA. His other two books — ‘Jeevan Jeeune Kaida’ and ‘Sadha Tanari‘ were also published by Nepalaya.

In this book, the author is trying to highlight the importance of nature.

“Jogayera Rakhau, Hawa ma Oxygen, Jamin mathi Banaspati, Jamin muni Pani, Kina ki Yinai ma Tikeko Hunchha, Hami Sabai ko Jindagani,” Prasai writes stressing the importance of various elements of the nature and humans’ dependence on them, in his upcoming book, which is all set to be released in the third week of May, according to Nepalaya.

“Earlier, I had written books on lifestyle and food habits, however, this time around I have tried to connect human with the environment as we are nurtured by the environment around us,” the author shared.

Prasain, who has a PhD in Medical Science from Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan, has been involved in research of natural polyphenols for the prevention and treatment of cancer for more than two decades in the United States of America.

FILE: Author and researcher Jeevan Kumar Prasain. Courtesy: Nepalaya

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