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Shanti Thatal’s rendition of Muna Madan in June Paleti

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Paleti musicians rehearse for the Shanti Thatal’s rendition of Muna Madan. Courtesy: Nepalaya

KATHMANDU: Acclaimed singer and music composer Shanti Thatal is all set to perform Muna-Madan in the June edition of Paleti concert series at Nepalaya’s ‘r’ sala at Kalikasthan in Kathmandu, the organiser said.

Mahakavi Laxmi Prasad Devkota’s Muna-Madan, famous in Nepali musical literature, has immensely influenced the wider situation of Nepali speaking diaspora around the world. Some glimpses of it will be highlighted in the Paleti, Nepalaya said in the statement.

In this edition, famous singers Shanti Thatal and Bimala Century Pradhan from Sikkim and Meena Niraula from Manipur will convene in June Paleti, according to Nepalaya.

“I have almost forgotten the composed tune of Muna-Madan. However, in Paleti’s request, I am trying to remember it,” prominent singer and composer Shanti Thatal shared.

Earlier, Thatal had composed the music for Muna-Madan in 1970 and in the late 70s.

Paleti Coordinator and music arranger Aavas said, “Shanti didi has given us this huge opportunity to record Muna-Madan in our archives. With this, one more valuable asset will be added in our music and literature archives.”

Ticket booking can be done through Paleti’s social media pages and through Nepalaya. Online booking and purchase can also be made through,, according to the statement.

Shanti Thatal and her team will be supported by Dinesh Regmi in keyboards, Sandesh Maharjan in tabala, Suraj Pradhan in guitars, Sundar Maharjan in percussion and Balram Salam in basuri.

The event will be organised at Paleti’s regular venue, Nepalaya’s ‘r’ sala at Kalikasthan during June 28,29 and 30 the organisers said.

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