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Quick and efficient overhaul for your vehicle

Automated car-washing services are here to make your life easier

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The piling dirt on your car is not only annoying to look at but it also does heavy damage to your vehicle. Keeping a close eye on the amount of dirt on your car’s exterior is as important as refilling engine oil and tuning up its engine. Most vehicle owners in the Valley so far have been manually washing their vehicles mainly because of lack of auto-wash centres. However, times are changing and the Valley now has some state-of-the-art auto-wash centres to boast. To the relief of many, most of these centres offer quick and automated car-washing facilities.

Express Car Wash in Gairidhara is one such centre that has adopted a semi-automated auto-wash technology. On the other side of town you have Umi Carwash, Jhamsikhel, Lalitpur operated under Umi Group Pvt Ltd. This facility offers fully automated car wash service.

Advance auto-wash services

Managed by Nepal Roadside Assistance (NRSA), Express Car Wash gives your vehicle a complete overhaul. They have an automatic car wash system installed which washes the underbody of the car thoroughly. It avoids wheel alignment problem apparent in regular car wash process, and the steam cleaning technology speeds up the cleaning process. Bicky Gupta, Managing Director of NRSA claims that the facility uses eco-friendly chemicals on vehicles. He says, “We are focussed on eco-friendly car wash system with high-quality chemicals that look out for the environment. We have a premium robotic car wash which functions purely on eco-friendly procedures.”

Talking about the services they offer at the facility, Gupta explains, “At Express Car Wash, we provide a complete solution for a car wash with semi-automated robotic wash and vacuum cleaning the interiors.” He adds, “Our service includes pre-washing of the car, cleaning of foot mats, foam cleaning of car exterior, underbody wash, engine hot water/steam wash, body liquid polishing.”

Tulashi Ram Shrestha, Managing Director of Umi Group claims that Umi Car Wash is a fully automated car wash centre. He says, “Our facility is equipped with fully automated car wash technology powered by the latest German technology.” Stressing on the facility’s USP, he says, “We get the job done in five minutes. The fully automated car wash system leaves your car clean and spotless car within a couple of minutes saving time.” He explains, “This car wash technology uses advanced 25 sensors which adjusts your vehicle according to its body type for an effective cleaning process.”

Gupta says, “We have different packages catering to the different needs of the car. Our customers can choose from normal exterior wash upholstery and carpet cleaning to Opti Coat — a hard ceramic coating that provides scratch resistance — a permanent protection for your car.”

One of the major cautions in the automatic car wash system taken by both car wash centres is the use of purified water in cleaning the cars. Gupta says, “It is an important aspect in car wash technology. Contaminated water can react with the chemicals used in a car wash and can lead into discolouration of car paint. So, use of contaminated water is a big no-no. We only use purified water.”

Shrestha states that with the automatic car cleaning technology one can do away with the fear of getting scratches on the car. He says that the cleaning process goes through a rigorous but measured cleaning process with water sprinklers, car wash shampoo and purified water to cleanse it all. Waxing and shining of the washed vehicle is also fully automatic leaving the exterior and interior extra shiny. Shrestha says, “With the automatic dryer, cleaning of a car is quick
without the chance of leaving water spots on the surface. We have one additional protecting paint coat that gives a sleek and glossy look to your car making it dirt and dust resistant for 15 days from service.”

A version of this article appears in print on February 13, 2018 of The Himalayan Times.

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