BURN THE EXCUSE this winter

I know and truly believe that exercise is not an option. Just like a car is designed to ride, similarly we are designed to move. There is a solid requirement to exert ourselves physically at a certain level to stay fit and healthy. And this law applies to us throughout the year.

Every action begins with an understanding and reason. Now the stronger the reason the better chance it will have towards the sustenance of the resulting behavior. We all find many people reluctant to stick to their exercise regimen during winters. Yes, it’s definitely harder to get out of your warm quilt early in the morning, or head to the gym when it gets dark early… but if we simply get out there, more than half the job is done. It is also inevitable that you will feel more energetic and free post exercise as the cold restricts your body otherwise.

Here’s a list of things that may help you overcome the winter freeze:


  • The right clothes matter. Layering helps immensely during your workout as the body gets warmed up through the routine.
  • If you know you are headed for a class in the morning, prepare your workout gear and keep your shoes in handy, ready to step out.
  • Sip warm water through the day. Eat nutritious foods instead of binge eating and drinking immense cups of tea and coffee which are detrimental to your health and add on the calories.
  • Be prepared mentally to avoid short cuts, procrastinate and lower your standard of performance. That’s most important.


  • Set a clear goal. If you state that you will exercise five days a week, stick with it. You want to lose five kilos before summer, work towards it. Make sure your goals are clear and measurable. However small or big the goal, keep the focus.
  • Stay committed to your goal. It’s easy to veer off track when you are covered in bulky sweaters and jackets. You may even consider putting off you goal towards summer. But think about what you are losing. All the hard work you may have already put in. It is a researched fact that most people gain 2-4 kilos on average during the winters.


  • It is known that having someone to work out together with increases your chance of staying committed to your program. Plus you are likely to push a little harder because of the competitiveness that exists in all of us. So invite a friend or a family member to join you in creating a fabulous body this winter. Create a code of accountability that helps you both stay on course.

Change of routine

  • Doing something different can be a great motivator because it brings lots of excitement and new challenges. There’s huge number of options available right from yoga, kickboxing, cross training to outdoor workouts.
  • Personal training can also be a huge motivator as it caters to your personal goal on a one to one basis giving insight to your overall fitness quotient. Ensure that your personal trainer is certified and experienced to provide you result based training. It’s okay to ask for your personal trainers credentials as you will be paying more than normal for this facility.

The winters are just beginning and it’s a lovely time of the year to be out and about pushing yourself to try new things and setting new goals for the coming year. Happy exercising. Stay warm. Stay fit.

The author is a certified professional fitness instructor, founder and master trainer at Rage Fitness and a fitness columnist who specialises in mixed martial arts