Caffeine Indulgence

Travel & Lifestyle lists some of the best cafès in town for you to try

You are lethargic, haven’t had a good night’s sleep, need to work overtime, or feeling a little low? A cup of perfectly brewed coffee could be the answer to all of these problems. It’s a ‘hug’ all coffee lovers need at some point of the day. Visit the cafès below to get your much needed fix of caffeine.

Magic Beans

Established in April 2010, Magic Beans is one of the most happening and sought after coffee shops in town. Centrally located at the heart of Durbar Marg, this coffee shop is popular among all age groups. You can interact, enjoy the surroundings, have quality time with friends and relax. The coffee shop serves and promotes only Nepali organic coffee products. It also serves selective confectionary items such as pastries and sandwiches.


Caffe Latte

Foam plays a big role in this drink. At Magic Beans, the barista skillfully pours the foam over the espresso and milk to create pictures of your choosing.  You can ask for love hearts or ferns and if the barista is adventurous enough he’ll make you a kitten on your coffee.

Caramel Macchiato

This vanilla based espresso drink with caramel drizzle will surprise you with a burst of flavours at every sip.

Location: Durbarmarg

Contact: 01— 4230914

Barista Lavazza

Barista Lavazza has been in Nepal for over three and half years now and continues to delight customers with its remarkable array of beverages. With its large dining area, extensive menu and attentive staff, Barista Lavazza, has over time become one of the most frequented cafès in town.

The beans are imported from Chennai, India — one of the major producers of organic coffee beans in the world. The cafè also serves lasagne and spaghetti.


Posh Irish Cafe

Irish coffee is commonly made with alcoholic base but at Barista Lavazza Irish syrup is used instead. But, fret not, the syrup makes up for the missing alcohol content in the drink.

Hazelnut and Caramel Cafe

If a little processed enhancement in your coffee doesn’t deter you, then this concoction is what you should go for.  The good amount of caramel enhances the flavour in your cup.

Location: Metro Park, Uttar Dhoka and Jawalakhel

Contact: 01— 4005124/ 5548597

Himalayan Java

Founded in 1999, Himalayan Java is one of the oldest and the first speciality coffee house in Nepal. It practically introduced the ‘coffee culture’ in Nepal. The cafè has eight to nine outlets spread across the city. With its growing popularity Himalayan Java has successfully branched out to other countries as well. The cafè also promotes local produce with its servings of Nepali organic coffee.


Honey Latte

Anything as delicious as honey has got to be bad for your health right? No. Honey contains antioxidants which help reduce the risk of some cancers and heart disease. So, indulge in this honey infused steamy goodness with pleasure.


Coffee brewed by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans. Highly recommended for the ones with a taste for stronger stuff.

Location: Tridevi Marg, Thamel

Contact: 01— 4422519