CEO weekends

Weekends arrive with a promise of indulgence and relaxation for most of us. The anticipated weekend waiting for us at the end of a busy work week makes weekends all the more charming. Travel & Lifestyle finds out what ‘weekend’ brings for these three busy CEOs in town.

Leisure and Routine

For Kishore Maharjan, CEO of Civil Bank Limited, weekend is a time to take a good break from the routine. He enjoys spending his time solely with his family yet he divides time between various philanthropic activities, and also busies himself with household chores.

Q & A with Maharjan

How have you been spending your weekends over the years?

My weekend normally starts with intensive workouts at the club followed by a game of squash. I have been playing squash for almost 30 years now and I enjoy every single game I play. This is then followed by club meetings and meetings with philanthropic organisations. I then head home, freshen up and indulge in a lavish lunch session with my extended family at my father’s house. Evenings are usually reserved for eating out and going to the movies.

Your memorable weekend….

One weekend, I was out hunting with a big group of friends. After a reasonable hunt, on the way out of the jungle, some of my friends insisted on going back for a bigger booty only to be rounded up by the police. We were all held up in the police station whole night — hungry and thirsty, till the wee hours of the morning. Finally, we were released after much persuasion. Needless to say, we lost what little game we had hunted that day. It’s been 15 years now and I have not gone back to the jungle.

Family features first

For the workaholic Sulav Budhathoki, CEO of Islington College, there was hardly a difference between weekdays and weekends when he initially started his business. Today it’s a different story altogether. These days weekend mean spending time with his children, taking them out on long drives. Some weekends he joins his colleagues and friends on cycling trips in and around the valley. A food lover, Budhathoki enjoys exploring the countryside for authentic Nepali food.

Q & A with Budhathoki

Weekend to you is…

When I started my business, weekends meant little to me but with every passing day, I’ve started valuing the break in between hectic weekdays. I sometimes take off from my professional life to pamper myself and I relax and spend time with my family.

Recalling a memorable weekend…

It was back in 2013, shortly after Tihar, I along with my eight colleagues went on an adventurous trip to Muktinath with the aim of riding downhill to Pokhara on our mountain bikes. It was one heck of a journey filled with fun, fatigue and adrenaline rush. I still remember the famous winds of Jomsom, the flying pebbles and gravel. We peddled the mountainous terrain all the way to Pokhara.

Revitalise and rejuvenate

For Upendra Poudyal, CEO of NMB Bank Limited, weekend is the time to recharge. Maintaining a fine balance between his work, family and social life is of utmost importance to him. “I enjoy being with my family, particularly having lunch with my parents which I miss out on during weekdays. This is the day I catch up with my family and have fun,” shares Poudyal

Q & A with Poudyal

How have you been celebrating your weekend over the years?

My weekend normally starts at 6 am. I head out for a walk around Pashupatinath and Guheshwori with friends. We talk about everything under the sun on our stop at Gaushala Chowk for tea. This really re-energizes me. I then head home for a hearty lunch with my family and spend all day with them. Sometimes we head out for dinner and a fun evening. We also plan outings/picnics for the entire family. On quiet weekends I like to sit down and catch up on my reading.

Your memorable weekend …

I took my daughter to my maternal uncle’s place in the outskirts of Kathmandu to the north beyond Balaju. I had spent most of my early childhood days there. The place had changed over the years but the essence of it remains. I thoroughly enjoyed taking my daughter around showing her the place I loved.