Binod Chaudhary's autobiography's English version out

KATHMANDU: Nepal's first billionaire Binod Chaudhary's autobiography has been translated into English.

Publisher of the original Nepali book, nepa~laya, itself has published the English version BINOD CHAUDHARY –  My Life : From the streets of Kathmandu to a billion dollar empire as translated by journalist Sanjeev Ghimire.

"The English edition includes more updates from the billionaire’s life after 2013, and includes his expansion and networking stories related to India and beyond," nepa~laya said in a statement today, "Chaudhary was acknowledged and thanked by the Indian premier Narendra Modi for finding and reconnecting his godson Jeet Bahadur with his parents in Nepal. This story has been one such addition in the book."

"It was a pleasant coincident that the Forbes billionaire list included Chaudhary soon after the book was released," said Kiran Shrestha of nepa~laya in the release.

"We felt stories from Nepal like those of Chaudhary need to be available for international readers and we want to extend the horizon of his story by bringing it in English," he added.

"The person who had taken the responsibility of translating the book worked hard on it and delivered, but he did not live to see his work published," the statement read.

The book covers Chaudhary’s life from a student at a government school in Gana Bahal, playing and growing in the streets of Khichapokhari, running a discotheque, pursuing a hobby as a singer and a filmmaker, leading the Nepali business community, expanding beyond Nepal and reaching a place where any other Nepali is yet to reach.

The English book is now available in the market for Nepali Rs.675.