Driving is not that easy

Ratna KC, Branch Manager at the Bank of Kathmandu has been behind the wheels for eight years now. In conversation with Anurag Subedi of THT Auto Plus, she shares about her driving experiences on the roads of Kathmandu

When and why did you first start driving?

It has been eight years since I first started driving. I used to ride a scooter but because of all the pollution and the risk of getting into accidents, I switched to cars.

Is driving your hobby or do you just drive for commuting?

Well, I’ve always enjoyed driving. I started out of interest but for the past few years I have mostly just been driving from home to office and back. I still enjoy the occasional long drives with friends and family.

What is it like to drive on the roads of Kathmandu?

Driving seems easy and fun but it’s irksome to have to deal with the traffic in Kathmandu. Roads are not well managed and it is way too crowded. It is easy to drive if I am driving in my own lane, but at cross roads and while overtaking I find it dangerous and stressful.

How is driving on weekends different from driving on office days?

I like to go shopping with my children on weekends and driving on a Saturday is much easier as there is much less traffic. During the weekdays it is really stressful as I have to be on a lookout for bike riders overtaking me from the wrong side. The usual peak hour traffic also frustrates me at times — I leave home early in the morning and I stay back late at the office just to skip the peak hour traffic.

If you were to manage the traffic here, how would you do it?

There was a time when the government geared up to take action against jaywalkers, it made driving much easier. The strict rules and its stricter implementation mitigates the risk of accidents. I would be stricter in implementing the rules to manage the traffic in Kathmandu.