KATHMANDU: There are various factors that help us exist in this world. Not only physical beings and things, but abstract things such as emotions, dreams, hopes, aspirations, et cetera are also needed to keep moving ahead. It will not be wrong to say that the combination of physical and abstract components makes life.

The group art exhibition ‘Homage’ explores these life’s essentials — physical and abstract factors  — in the form installation art, video art and prints.

Seven artists — Amrit Karki, Bhuwan Thapa, Bibek Thapa, Kiran Baniya, Kiran Rai, Rajan Kaphle and Raju Pithakote — have come together for this mixed media exhibition.

Using around 1,000 colourful paper fans and some iron stands, Baniya has created a room. The installation is pleasing to look at with colourful paper fans as walls of the room. Whenever the wind passes by, the paper fans rotate swiftly spreading a jolly mood in the room.

Rai has created an installation of a man with wings, along with an on-and-off button and a button to control speed. Anyone is allowed to use the switch — the wings move as the button is switched on, giving an impression of the man flying. And you can also control the speed of the wings with the speed control button. This mechanical art symbolises the dreams and aspirations of human beings to fly and dream of bigger things in life.

But Bibek’s installation is in a separate room. Bundles of white wool are placed on the floor. Follow the bundles and

you will find a glistening heart — woven in a loom in different shades of red against a

white background.

And Pithakote has created a giant web in the garden area of the gallery where the artist describes his work as the metaphor of life.

The exhibition that is from February 27 to March 4 at Taragaon Museum, Bouddha has the ability to generate

curiosity and foster interaction between the audience and artists.