Nepal | August 13, 2020

Get Fit: Looking to restart your coronavirus-stalled workout regimen?

Starting slow, scaling up, social distancing and hygiene are key  

Sandesh P Limbu
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Kathmandu, July 3

After staying home for months during the lockdown, you will require to exercise caution as you get back to your work and workout routines. The one thing anyone of us must never forget is that COVID-19 is still a part of the ecosystem, and getting yourself exposed unnecessarily is not wise at all.

Please continue to maintain the hygiene and safety protocols even though it may often seem cumbersome and unnecessary.

Talking specifically about exercise, some of us have remained active and worked hard on our fitness and health, while many of us have remained sedentary or inconsistent in exercise.

If you are part of the latter group, I would suggest that you take things slowly and rev up your workouts in a planned way. Start with 50 percent of volume and intensity of what you were doing prior to the lockdown and gradually work your way up.

After the first week, you should be working out at 75% and in three weeks, you should be at the level you left off pre lockdown.

A few things you should keep in mind during these times:


  • Gyms are not yet open, but when they do, you should be certain that they follow extra measures of safety and hygiene.
  • At the gym, avoid numbers. Focus on your workout routine and move out as you get done.
  • Always wipe the stations down yourself before touching any equipment. Leave it clean too as a basic courtesy to the next person.
  • Avoid taking showers in the gym and do not spend extended time in the locker room.
  • Carry your own sipper, towel and sanitiser to avoid any contamination.
  • If you have any concerns for safety, discuss it with your trainer or the manager at the gym.
  • Wearing a mask during light workouts is not a problem if you do not have respiratory or cardiovascular conditions. You may find yourself getting fatigued and your body temperature rising while wearing a mask while working out. It is always better to ensure there is proper ventilation and enough physical space between you and others instead.
  • During group classes, you must ensure that you are at least six feet apart from the next person. Do wash your hands before and after the workout.
  • Stay well hydrated, start slow, listen to your body and don’t forget your warm up and cool down sessions.


  • Walking and running outdoors is only recommended in wide open spaces where you can keep at enough distance from others.
  • Avoid touching any kind of surface outdoors.
  • Always keep a mask and sanitiser at hand.
  • Stay hydrated and dress according to the weather.
  • Avoid socializing and meeting with people. A distant hello should not be misconstrued for being snobbish in these times.
  • Risk of infection is considerably reduced outdoors provided you stay aware and avoid unnecessary risks.
  • Sports that do not involve shared contact such as golf, badminton and tennis need not be avoided.

Your physical fitness is incomplete without proper attention to your nutrition and mental wellbeing.

Eat fresh and home cooked meals only, stay hydrated, and spend at least 10 minutes at the beginning and end of your day on meditation or simply quiet time with yourself.

Stressing over what you cannot control is neither good for your mind or your body, things may seem a little difficult as we readjust and readapt to the post COVID-19 world, but focusing on the positives and looking after and honouring our bodies will help make life simpler and better.

Sandesh P Limbu is a Kathmandu-based fitness guru and life coach who specialises in combining modern training techniques with spirituality. He operates his own gym chain Rage Fitness. 

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