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A momolicious affair

Sanjog Koirala

Sanjog Koirala has acted in movies likes Utsav and upcoming Bazigar, and owns Designo Studio in Naxal. He loves travelling, being super busy, is a fitness freak and strives to be a witty person

SANJOG KOIRALADalle has been one of the places everyone has heard about, or mostly have already been there at least once. The place seems always busy with customers as it is centrally located in one of the most commercial areas. Quick service and a promise to deliver tasty food make it perfect for people during the wee hours.

Taking a break from our work, my team and I visited Dalle in Kamaladi for an afternoon snack. The inside area of the restaurant was already packed, hence we had to settle down in its exterior part.

First thing you notice here is the colour red, and every staff in uniform. There are very few eateries in Kathmandu that have so many staff buzzing around and taking orders. The place seemed clean, and furnitures well maintained.

Just a minute of settling down and we were served with water, and asked for our order. Everyone in my team is a momo fan, so we ordered each variety of momo available — Steam Jhol Momo, C Momo and Kothey — along with ice tea and lemon soda.

The friendly and smiling staff rushed to place our order at the kitchen. The menu had ample options to choose from for quick and fast food.

It was indeed a quick service — in a very short time our orders were served to us. The first sip of ice tea tasted very sweet for my liking, but my taste buds adjusted to it later on.

Momos were served hot and we shared every variety among ourselves. The jhol on Steam Momo was superb and had an excellent taste and the momo felt smooth and well cooked. I expected C Momo to be spicier than how it was served. Kothey Momo was also upto the expectation and
was finished within minutes of it being served.

As soon as one of the staff saw our plates being empty, he asked whether we wanted more momos or any other food items. But all of us were stuffed and delighted with the food that we just had, and didn’t want to spoil the taste we had in our tongue.

The place has two separate seating arrangements — one inside the glass partition and the exterior area. The inside area has sofa kind of seats while the exterior portion has wooden seats and can accommodate more people. But as the exterior portion is next to road, the constant noise and dust easily reaches the guests sitting here. The management could spend on getting it enclosed where dust and noise won’t be a problem. Lack of ample parking space is another problem here.

But overall Dalle gives you a pleasant and busy feeling once you are inside and settled. Its best selling point lies in the quality of its food and also the staff who are prompt, responsive and smiling.

A version of this article appears in print on April 14, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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