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Travel & Lifestyle with Budhaditya Mukherjee heads to Maharaja, Mughlai restaurant at Grand Hotel

Budhaditya MukherjeeMaharaja, the name itself defines the restaurant in its entirety. The food, service, and hospitality showers you with a treatment fit for royals. Specialised in authentic Mughlai Indian cuisine the restaurant has a wide variety of mouth watering choices. That said, the kitchen is not only limited to Mughlai but also extends to Chinese.

Ghazals accompany you throughout the course of the meal satisfying your appetite for soothing music as well. The restaurant bar entertains happy hour from 5 pm to 7 pm everyday.


Hara Bhara KababHara Bhara Kabab

Made from spinach, peas and potatoes that are nutritious as well as delicious.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“It’s crusty and soft at the same time. The assortment of vegetables make for a really tasty dish.”

Tandoori Aloo StuffingTandoori Aloo Stuffing

Boiled roasted potato stuffed with mix vegetables.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“The dish is okay. It might have been delightful if there were some more spices added into the stuffing.”

Chicken TikkaChicken Tikka

Boneless chicken baked using skewers.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“The chicken is perfectly cooked, very succulent and authentic in taste. This is my favourite dish among all the dishes I tried.”

Main course

Paneer Butter MasalaPaneer Butter Masala

Soft succulent paneer and cottage cheese cubes in creamy tomato based gravy.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“I really love the soft texture of the paneer with buttery gravy that goes perfectly with or roti.”

Dal TadkaDal Tadka

Smooth and creamy dal tempered with Indian spices with a smoky charcoal flavour.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“I am not very fond of having dal but this dal is really great and rich in flavour.”

Chicken curryChicken Curry

Boneless chicken prepared with typical Nepali spices.

Budhaditya’s verdict:

“It’s a typical Nepali style curry with Nepali spices that your taste buds will relish.”

Maharaja, Mughlai restaurant,Grand Hotel


Where: Maharaja

Location: Grand Hotel, Tahachal

Opening hour: 6 pm to 10:30 pm

Contact: 01—4282483

Overall verdict

“Maharaja beckons you with its good food, good ambiance, and good services. The presentation of the dishes served makes you dive into them as soon as they land on your table. Soulful ghazals captivate your mood and enhances your senses. I would love to come back here again.”

A version of this article appears in print on April 21, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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