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Mango Chili in Capital

Serves balanced flavours of delectable Thai cuisine

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Pad Thai at Mango Chili

Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/THT


Another eatery has opened in the Capital to add to your gastronomic experience. And this one is Mango Chili — a chain restaurant of Mango Tree that vouches in bringing authentic Thai cuisine with a creative twist. All the way from Thailand, the café on the second floor of Labim Mall, began to cater Thai flavours to the Capital’s food lovers from December 1, officially.

The popular Thai dishes that strike a chord with foodies have made it to the menu. Moreover, these dishes have been picked from the four regions in Thailand — north, north-east, central and south. Punching the palate with some distinct and subtle flavours, they are sweet, sour and spicy, or the balanced taste of the three.

Satay at Mango Chili

Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/THT

The refreshing Som Tum — Green Papaya Salad — with a mild taste is from the north-east region and kicks your sweet and sour buds. Succulent Satay is from the southern region, while tasty Tum Yum with powerful flavours comes from Central region. And their special crispy spring roll is also from the central region. Then they have the delicious Pad Thai along with Green Curry, Stir Fried Cashew Nut, Grapow that you can accompany with rice for a full meal experience. And there are more Thai delectables on the menu, including desserts and drinks.

Grapow at Mango Chili

Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/THT

“Thai food is 100 per cent about balance. In Thailand, we say it is like singing a song on a palate. So the key for Thai food is — sweet, sour, salty and spicy. And now the new taste we are talking about in cooking is Umami — the flavour that is left on. Thai food must be balanced — no flavour above another flavour,” Trevor MacKenzie, Managing Director of Mango Tree, shared about the food that he is passionate about.

He fell in love with Thailand 15 years ago, and its varieties of food. Through chains of Mango Tree, he has been taking Thai cuisine to the world. He feels that opening a chain here is a “great opportunity” for the same reason. He also wants to “re-educate” people that Thai food is not spicy, which is the general perception.

Veg Spring Roll at Mango Chili

Photo: Bal Krishna Thapa/THT

As per him, “each region has a bit of different twist to their cuisine”. North has bit a more herbaceous and sour flavours. North-east uses dried ingredients like dry chilli. Central region has a huge influence from China, while the cuisine from the south, being influenced by India and Malaysia, use dry spices like turmeric.

On their menu, they have something from each region. And you can have a quick bite of these dishes as Mango Chili is all about “come and have a quick Thai food”.

A version of this article appears in print on December 03, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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