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Mismatch of ambience and food


Pulkit Kabra

Pulkit Kabra is the director at JK paper. Besides work, he loves playing futsal, board games and hiking fortnightly, and is a food lover

foodParking is a big issue these days in town, but as soon as you enter Moksh, Jhamsikhel you feel otherwise. You are welcomed with a huge parking lot.

As we walked through the parking lot towards the entrance of the restaurant, we felt the chill in the air, which made us think about what Moksh would have in offer for us. As soon as we entered we were delighted to see small bonfires around every table along with an artificially created indoor environment, specifically for the winter season. Sadly there wasn’t anyone to welcome us, so we found a table and made ourselves comfortable.

As soon as we sat, we were given the menu. Unfortunately due to the ongoing blockade, the menu was just a page long and offered a limited amount of starters, pizzas for main course, and desserts.

On asking the waiter to recommend their specialities, he nearly named everything that was there on the menu. We decided to go for Nachos and Chicken BBQ.

The nachos were on our table in less than eight minutes, which impressed us. However, after a few bites, our taste buds were on fire — the nachos were too spicy! The waiter mentioned that’s how they serve it at Moksh.

The Chicken BBQ on arrival looked fresh and hot straight out of the oven. We couldn’t wait to get our hands on it. The chicken was pretty soft and juicy but the taste was not as good as it had looked. And the dip served with it was quite spicy.

For the main course we ordered Fungi Pizza. While waiting for it we decided to sip some hot lemon and honey, which arrived in no time. It was perfectly made with adequate amount of lemon and honey. Next came the Pizza. I was pretty impressed with the amount of time they took to execute their orders. There was something different about the pizza. On taking a bite, I realised it was as thin as paper. One could feel a lot of cheese on it, but the tomato sauce on the pizza could have been better.

None of the desserts looked interesting though, so we decided to skip it.

All in all, the ambience of the place was nice, just perfect for winters. Their service is commendable too. However, food quality can definitely be improved. It’s a place that can be visited again once their full menu is back.

A version of this article appears in print on January 14, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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