For your sweet tooth

Travel & Lifestyle reviews three renowned bakeries in town and helps you make the best choice for your New Year celebrations.

Elegance of Bakes and Cakes

Madhu Pradhan, the owner of Bakes and Cakes says, “The market for bakeries and confectionaries has drastically changed over the years in Nepal. A few years back simple and regular cakes would satisfy the customers but today most people demand for individualised designer cakes.” She adds, “It is essential to listen to their exact needs and requirements and deliver what’s best for them. We believe in quality service, innovative products and timely delivery.”

Why choose Bakes and Cakes?

1.Service with passion and love

Pradhan says, “I am extremely passionate about baking. I Happy customers leave me happy.” She says that service is of utmost importance and her staff has been trained to give timely quality service.

2.Unique flavours and designs

You can conjure up a design in your head and see it come to life at the bakery! Bakes and Cakes takes pride in their innovative and unique flavours and designs.

3.Focus on quality

Pradhan herself in involved in making of each cake. She supervises every step and ensures that there’s no compromise on quality.

Location: Durbarmarg

Contact: 01— 4226354, 9801075755

Exuberance of The Cake Shop

Hotel Annapurna’s The Cake Shop is known for the exemplary confectionery items they’ve been serving for the last couple of decades. Situ Ratna Sthapit, Executive Sous Chef Pastry says, “I always wanted to be in the creative field and being a Sous Chef gives me an opportunity to showcase my creativity.”

Why choose The Cake Shop?

1.The brand

Hotel Annapurna has the advantage of being a 5-star brand. The Cake Shop is best known for its pastries, fondant cakes and custom made cakes.

2.Heritage and history

Established in 1965, the heritage and history it carries is its greatest asset. You can definitely rely on its illustrious history and expect quality products and service.

3.Variety for the classes

The Cake Shop serves a wide range of pastries, fruit buns, regular and individualised cakes. You’ll find cakes for every occasion you can think of.

Location: Durbarmarg

Contact: 01— 4221711

Specialty of Hermann Helmer’s Bakery

Since four decades Hermann Helmer’s has been serving freshly baked doughnuts, breads, muffins, cookies and beautiful birthday cakes. Eggless cakes, special photo prints and customised cakes in regular and exotic mocktails, blueberry flavours are also an attraction here.

Monika KC, Owner of the bakery says, “We are family owned and operated business and we serve quality products at reasonable price. This has helped us sustain in the market.”

Why choose Hermann Helmer’s Bakery?

Top three reasons

 1.Family bond and business

Since Hermann Helmer’s is a family run and operated business it produces and sells its items with extra love and effort.

2.Innovative promotional ideas

Hermann’s bakery initiates innovative contests to attract its customers. The bakery’s active presence on social media is also a plus point.


3.Quality at reasonable price

“Quality products at reasonable price is our biggest strength at the bakery,” says KC.

Location: Jhamsikhel

Contact: 1— 5524900