Nepalaya, the book publication house, is all set to release Ganesh Prasad Lath's book 'Kshamadaan' next week.

Issuing a press release, Nepalaya said, "The book is the first release of the year from Nepalaya 2021 catalogue. The novel exfoliates the drama, intrigue and tragedies surrounding business families from the Terai region."

"Madhesh has produced some brilliant writers from Dhanush Chandra Gautam to Bimal Niva to name a few. Their works have expressed the aesthetics and poetics of Madhesh wonderfully. But as a reader, who happens to be a businessman, I could not locate myself in most of the books published in Nepali," the writer said explaining his inspiration for writing the book.

Lath is the second author from Birgunj to be published by Nepalaya. Girish Giri's eponymous non-fiction 'Birgunj' was published in 2016, as stated in the release.

According to the publication house, Ganesh Prasad Lath's 'Kshamadaan' is priced at Rs 495. It will be available in all leading bookstores across the country.

The digital copy of the book can be acquired from Thuprai (www.thuprai.com), while it will be also available worldwide on Amazon.