Riding gears are essential if you are an avid rider. As the old saying goes, ‘better to be safe than sorry’, investing in genuine safety gears is a wise choice.

Helmet is one of the most important gears that help protect your head from injuries. It’s mandatory by law to have a helmet on your head while you ride but most riders go for low quality helmets that does not offer full protection. For your safety, you have to invest in a good quality helmet. Sajal Joshi, CEO at Helmets Nepal said, “You might have unexpected incidents on the road, and accidents might happen. It is wise to spend money on a sturdy quality helmet than a cheap one.” Helmets Nepal alone showcases more than 30 brands ranging from Shark and AGV to Studds and Shell. Joshi’s observation is that “people are more focussed on safety nowadays and they ask for genuine brands”.

Other gears which are essential include riding boots, elbow and knee pads, jackets, and gloves. Riding boots are important to protect your feet and ankles from all sorts of hazards on the roads. Well-crafted boots with a good stride help you get a grip on the road when you pull the brakes on suddenly. Similarly, elbow and knee pads are padded gears worn on the elbows to protect them against injuries during bike rides.

A jacket made specifically for motorcyclists for protection during crashes and bad weather is a must. The best buy would be the one that zips up the front and seals well at your wrists, neck, and waist. The padding helps you prevent bruises.

Gloves not only protect your hands, they also make your grip easy on the handles. On long rides, your hand starts sweating making you lose grip on the bike’s handles — gloves help you maintain your grip. This also helps preserve body heat especially during winters.

Pawan Gurung, CEO of Bikers Toy Nepal said, “Riding gears are essential for riders.  They don’t prevent us from accidents but definitely helps minimise the impact of the accident.”

Gurung further added that youngsters especially super bike riders are more conscious about safety gears and are not hesitant to invest in them.

The fact is that there is a dearth of genuine riding gears in the Nepali market. Though it’s almost impossible to find a genuine brand, there might always be good local products to choose from.