Nepal | December 12, 2019

Fifty-five dengue cases reported in Kathmandu valley

Sabitri Dhakal

Kathmandu, August 21

Number of patients suffering from dengue reached 55 in Kathmandu valley. Epidemiology and Disease Control Division revealed that these patients have been admitted to hospitals around the capital since May 26.

Dengue patients have been reported from different areas including Nakkhu, Dhapasi, Harisiddhi, Teku, Kapurdhara, Baneshwor, Tinkune, Saibu and Imadol. Just a day earlier two staffers of Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital, Teku, were diagnosed with dengue. Many dengue are not reported to EDCD. “There are more dengu cases which are not reported to us,” said Bibek Kumar Lal, director at EDCD. He also suggested all hospitals to report number of dengue patients seeking treatment in them to the EDCD.

Doctors and stakeholders working in health sector have warned that number of dengu patients could rise drastically in coming days due to favourable environment in the valley for dengue causing mosquitoes to breed.

There are high chances that the number of dengue patients could increase. Symptoms of dengue are not seen in 95 per cent of the infected people. But they are carriers. Aedes aegypti mosquitoes biting such people will be infected and then they will transmit the infection to healthy persons, according to Lal. Though number of dengue cases has sharply increased this year there aren’t any dengue experts at the EDCD. “We don’t have any dengue experts in our team. We are relying on three vector control inspectors. We are not sure that the vector control inspectors will be with us for long.

Adjustment programme of government employees is going on in the country and they are likely to be transferred from here,” said Lal.

Unless an individual is concerned about sanitation of his/her environment it is difficult to control the spread of the disease. One must act smart and act early, according to Anup Bastola, consultant tropical medicine physician at Sukraraj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital.

“We should not wait for others to come and clean our locality. Everyone in family should participate in destroying habitats of dengue causing mosquitoes,” Bastola said. The EDCD has decided to launch a community awareness programme in Kathmandu valley after a rise of dengue cases across the nation.

Preventive measures

  • Search and destroy mosquitoes and their breeding areas
  • Keep environment clean
  • Use nets and apply mosquito repellents
  • Wear long sleeves and trousers to cover arms and legs
  • Remove water from flower/plant pots and plates
  • Change water in vases/bowls
  • Recycle or dispose discarded tyres
  • Take medicines only on doctor’s advice

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