Intense training underway

KATHMANDU: As the saying goes ‘practice makes you perfect’, the models selected for Ruslan The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2017 have been training intensely to flaunt their perfect walk at the show. Putting on high heels, taking a breath of fresh air, they have been attending the four-hour-long practice sessions since March 19.

With the date nearing for the show, the trainings are getting tougher everyday. The 18 selected models are the best amongst 400 participants who competed to walk the most prestigious ramp, and Choreographer Sijan Bhattachan has been working hard to ensure that they deliver their best. “This year’s training is not only about grooming the models; teaching them how to walk or pose, we are working on a lot of other areas as well,” shared Bhattachan.

According to Bhattachan, special fitness sessions are being held an hour before the trainings.

“We don’t want the models to be just slim, we want them to be physically and mentally fit. Hence, everyday we have a full body workout session, where they work on their weak areas. We have incorporated a lot of different exercises such a squats, jumping jacks, push-ups, planks, et cetera. Citing that even the smallest details have been attended to, Bhattachan said, “Whether experienced or new, all models are being pushed to work on their basic turns everyday.” She added that high priority is being given to expressions as well. “This year we have a diversity of beauty, everyone has their own unique features that make them stand out,” explained Bhattachan. She assured the audience that  they can expect the models to do justice to the designers’ outfits.

As for the models, they are working equally hard to shine on the ramp. One such model  is Sabita Karki, who is walking the TGIF Nepal Fashion Week for the second time. “This year I found the training process slightly different as compared to last year’s. There are a lot of variations — we have a workout session and the choreography is more focused on what makes the clothes stand out,” she shared.

Similarly sharing excitement for the show, Sambridi Pradhan said, “This is my very first time in training, and I find myself improving everyday. Even though the choreographer is a bit strict, we get to learn and polish our skills, and we are very thankful.”

With everyone putting in their best, the ramp is up for Ruslan The Himalayan Times TGIF Nepal Fashion Week 2017 at Hyatt Regency Bouddha from April 5 to 8. The show is sponsored by Ruslan in association with Tresemme, powered by Mahindra KUV100, with Silk Air as the airline partner.