It's more than just your future


Currently working on upcoming movie ‘Kabaddi Kabaddi’, the cards say that the movie will do excellent business and provide more opportunities for Nischal in the long run. The director wishes to open a workshop for enthusiastic young directors and the cards say that this venture will be successful. It will garner much name, fame and money for him.The cards also say that investment in the share market would be perfect  as would investment in mutual funds, commodity trading , investment in rental or agricultural income or having his own production

company for television shows.

Love /married Life

The cards reveal that the couple will have a good life together. He will have an excellent married life since the cards predicts a happy and successful life.


The card says that he will have a lot of money but he must be very careful of not losing it. He should also be careful to not make wrong investments. It would be better if he could hire someone to look after them.

General life

He will have an excellent future. He should enjoy your work and expand it to a new level. Money should be in safe hands else he might lose it all. He should manage them strategically and be very careful in regards to money. He should not discuss personal stuff too much with other people. He is lucky that all things are falling into place for him. He needs to now gain momentum.

What Nischal has to say about the reading?

Since it’s my first time the whole experience was really good. It allowed a peak into my future. I have never been a firm believer in predictions about the future but once you hear them you sort of get affected by it, which is good, because now I know I have to careful about my actions. One thing that surprised me was when the cards said that I will have a blissful married life(smiles). I am not good at saving when it comes to money so I will definitely focus on this. I don’t believe in these things and act according to it but I shall give it a shot (smiles).

Photos: Pradip Luitel