It's not a lie, it's not the truth!

Some may call it a lie while some choose to see it as ‘holding back information’. The difference between the two is sometimes seamless. TGIF catches some perfect lies!

Pechii Zitutsang, Fashion Designer









1. I hide everybody’s keys and make them look for it everywhere before they

finally give up! The look on their face is priceless.

2. When men approach me and I see no way out I use the ‘I am married’ line which works every single time.

3. I say I will come home on time and reach home really late.  I lie!

Nikun Shrestha, Actor

1. My parents wanted me to go abroad for further education and because I did not want to I lied to them saying that my visa was not approved.

2. I lied to my director that I was down with common cold whereas I had to attend a wedding out of town.

3. A couple of weeks back I had to go to an event in Pokhara and I lied to my friends about me getting engaged. They took me seriously and were all set to attend my wedding! 

Mala Limbu, Actor











1. I never ever believed in telling white lies until I saw my friend’s boyfriend holding hands with another girl. I had made up my mind to tell my friend but I managed to keep it to myself.

2. When I was in primary school, I lied to my mum about remedial classes at school so that I could go for a picnic with my friends.

3. I lie with 100 per cent sincerity when my friends insist on going out and I am not in the mood to do so!