Keep your pets, home clean

Keeping your home clean during the rainy season can be quite a chore when you have pets. They’re trapped inside much more than usual and if they go out, you know they’ll be covered in rainwater and mud when they come back. There are many options to keep your home clean during the rainy season for all kinds of pet owners, but finding the right combination of tactics is up to you.

Absolute control

If you have a pet door, it’s a good idea to lock it up on rainy days. You really don’t want to give your pet the freedom to run in and out while it’s raining and muddy. Instead, take your animal out on a leash, which allows you absolute control. With the leash you can manoeuvre your dog (or other pet, if they’ll let you) around the mud by keeping it in the thicker grass. Retractable leashes are great for rainy days. You often won’t have to step past the porch. However, if you do have thicker grass and a fairly mud-free fenced-in yard, that is certainly an

option, too.

Dry it

Upon re-entry, choose a spot just inside your home (like a mudroom or entryway) to dry your animal off with a thick towel. Thoroughly dry the animal’s feet, belly and back. If you have carpet or hardwoods just inside your door, you’ll want to consider another option — you’ll either need to dry the animal on the porch or build a mudroom.


Mudrooms are areas at an entry of your home made to get dirty because they will easily come clean. Mudrooms usually have some sort vinyl or easy to clean flooring and walls. These rooms are not only great for pets but for people removing dirty shoes or wet coats as they enter the house, as well. Many people use the first entry area just off from the garage for their mudrooms as they typically don’t want guests to see them as they enter their home.

Don’t let the occasional messes your little furry friends make take away from the joy they bring. A little preparation and foresight can help make sure they get the outdoors time they need while your house remains nice and clean.