Look for different occasion

It’s good to experiment with your style — whether you’re heading to college, to office or to a party!Anurag Rajpal, Director and CEO of online shopping website American Swan, has doled out some tips on how girls can style their

Regular college girl: Stuff your wardrobe with the basics like classic pair of denims and tops which you can easily mix and match; one classic jacket or blazer and scarves.

Partaayy: A classic little black dress, bling accessories, classic black heels, a fancy clutch and a perfume. Try getting the classics in black because it’s easy to team up black with anything else.

At work: Your first investment should be a hair straightener and hair gel. A slick

pony does wonders to your office girl look. As for clothes — pants, pencil skirts, palazzos and at least one crisp white shirt should do the trick. One can also add tops with tulle

and ruffles.

Family girl: A summer dress or a nice chiffon dress with small floral print comes to your rescue always.

As per season: The present seasonal girl is all about summer, and her wardrobe is full of summer shorts and tank tops with crochet shrugs.