Love at first sight

Yves Carmona recently took over  as the French Ambassador to Nepal. He shares his favourite things about Nepal with Travel & Lifestyle

First impressions

On my first visit itself I fell in love with Nepal. The mountains are unforgettable and beautiful and the people more so. The weather is well suited unlike in tropical countries. I would love to trek through the hillsides one day.

On Nepal

Nepali people are dedicated, hard working, polite and unbelievably resilient to hardships. The most impressive thing is its diversity — Hinduism, Buddhism, Shamanism, et cetera all culminating into one beautiful cultural prism. This is the land where creativity of its contemporary artists and intellectuals seem to thrive. Also Nepal has a glorious heritage and past. I find Kathmandu very lively. I would love to see Patan Durbar Square, the museums and many parts of Nepal. I am looking forward to the French National Day celebration when many distinguished Nepali guests will be present. My work is to support any opportunity for  better cooperation and partnership between France and Nepal.

8 Things to do in Nepal

  1. Rowing in Phewa Lake
  2. Meditate in meditation centre
  3. Visit Chitwan National Park
  4. Hike to Shivapuri National Park
  5. Take a mountain flight
  6. Go trekking
  7. Climb Everest
  8. Climb Annapurna

Travel Experiences

I have travelled to many countries, mostly in Asia. Travel is a way to experience other cultures, other people and other tastes. I am planning to travel more when I have some time for myself.


Your favourite buys...

I love books and I have found impressive book stores in Kathmandu like Mandala and Pilgrims with a vast sea of books available.

Your favourite place to shop...

The bio market at Maharajgunj.

Favourite getaway...

Pokhara because it’s a nice place with a lively environment. I would love to go back there in the dry season.

On your wishlist to travel in Nepal...

I would like to do some trekking and visit the mountains.

One dish that you love preparing...

Couscous and also fish, pasta and calamari.

A Nepali dish you crave for...

Momos and the Nepali Thali at Dwarika’s.

You never leave home without...

Something to read.

Favourite buys...

I haven’t bought anything yet but a thangka and a singing bowl is on my list before I go home.

Must eat in Nepal...

Momo, Himalayan French Cheese, Nepali Thali