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Sunil ChettriSUNIL CHETTRI is the Deputy General Manager of GO Automobiles, authorised distributor of Ford. He mentions that technology assists his professional life through e-mail, text, news updates et cetera. For him, technology accumulates everything and life cannot be imagined without it. Chhetri shares with THT Hi Tech Plus about his choice of gadgets.

Which is your favourite gadget and why?

My favourite gadget is the iPhone 6 since it serves my purpose. It helps keep me connected to the world.

Which of its features do you like the most?

As a working professional I like how it helps me communicate through text, e-mail et cetera. The 3G network keeps me updated on current news as well.

Which is the one gadget on your wish list?

On my wish list is the Apple watch, as it will further make life efficient and convenient.

A version of this article appears in print on April 04, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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