Monsoon safety tips for home


Monsoon rains provide respite from the summer heat. However, more precautions are required for home safety in this season. Here are some tips to take good care of your home:

Inspection of house and surroundings: Examine your house and surrounding area properly before the monsoon season. Leakage and rain water mostly affects walls and the roof of the building. Slippery floors due to rain water leakage might be dangerous for occupants. Damp air can cause large damage on accessories and furniture as well. Get the cracks and damaged tiles of the building repaired with a waterproof coating. Make sure that the drainage is checked at regular intervals. Clean rain water pipes to ensure smooth drainage of rain water.

Check connections: Be prepared for power outages due to heavy wind and non-stop rain. Switch off air conditioners, computers and televisions to avoid danger of damaging these products with voltage fluctuation when power returns. Check all electrical connections and outside electric switches to see if they are exposed to rain. Cover them without any delay to avoid electric shock or short-circuit. Additionally, repair all damaged electric cords for a safer environment at home during monsoon.

Prevent dampness: Wooden furniture and cupboards including railings can get musty or even damaged due to fungus or termite infest. Camphor balls, neem leaves or cloves can be put in the cupboards and closets to protect inside cloths and other valuable items from dampness.

Moist free interiors: Ventilators at proper locations ensure smooth flow of air-circulation to curb dampness inside the house. Replace heavy summer drapes with lacy translucent curtains to get maximum sunlight. Moisture inside the house, not only creates a bad odour but can spoil walls, wall hangings and furniture. Ensure that carpets are vacuumed regularly with carpet cleaners to remove dirt. Change cushions from summer colours of pastels to bright greens and yellows to invite a monsoon feel in the house.

(The author is an architect and urban designer and can be contacted through