My kind of Bhaktapur

Abeeral Thapa is the Managing Director of Nepal, Sanjiwani Herbal Industry and a renowned lyricist. He revisits his favourite city - Bhaktapur with Abhilasha Rayamajhi and lists the best things to do there.

1.  Explore the old alleys

Bhaktapur is famous for its thick, creamy and sweetened yoghurt or Juju Dhau. Juju Dhau literally means the king of yoghurt in Newari. It is served in earthen pots that keep it chilled. It is a part of almost every celebration in Nepal. It is used for culinary purposes and also has great religious significance. Thapa shares, “There is no city that can beat Bhaktapur’s Juju Dhau. Your visit to Bhatkapur is never complete without enjoying this delicious yoghurt.”