NAFA-Sumeru exhibition focuses on local artisans’ skill at traditional work

KATHMANDU: Our cultural heritages like the ancient temples, palaces, courtyards and other monuments reflect the rich traditional art of Nepal, that is well-known across the world. But many such heritages bearing intricate works of art were razed by the April 25 earthquake.

These artworks are our identity and thus, we need to restore them. Hence, it is right time for our artisans to come together and help rebuild the nation’s identity. And the exhibition — Our Heritage: Our Traditional Sculpture Exhibition 2015 — is proof we have a number of ski-lled people who are more than accomplished to do the job.

Thirty-five per cent money collected from the sale of artworks at the exhibition will be deposited in the account set up by NAFA to help the artists affected by earthquake, as per Shakya.

If you are curious about the artistans and wondering if they can rebuild our lost heritage, visit the exhibition that is on till July 5.