Nepalaya to publish Lal Babu Pandit's auto-biography Struggle to Change Singadurbar

KATHMANDU: The Publication Nepalaya, on the occasion of Chhath festival, has announced to publish an auto-biography of staunch politician Lal Babu Pandit's Struggle to Change Singadurbar.

Issuing a press statement today, Nepalaya said it's gearing ahead to bring to life the autobiography of a man, who used his political career to change the very character of the power he possessed, hence his auto-biography is titled, "Singhadurbar Badalne Sangharsha".

The book which was written in coordination with journalist Mukesh Pokharel unfolds Pandit's more than four decades of political career.

Former General Administration Minister rose to fame in Nepali society after he managed to pass the Civil Service Act (fourth amendment) bill from the Legislature Parliament. The bill prohibited bureaucrats of holding PR, DV of other nations and job at a same time.

Pandit, is a real hero to many with his impressive simple life style, honesty and courage to take on the scourge of corruption, malpractice, his uncompromising nature ultimately heightened his stature.

He is also source of inspiration to those who dares to work for the interest of the nation, it said in the statement.

CEO of Publication Nepalaya Saijan Maskey said Pandit's biography about his life and struggle would be an interesting book for our readers.

"The book sheds light on a political leader, who showed tremendous hope and aspiration amidst utter political chaos," Maskey added.

The book starts with, him receiving a call from the Party Chairman informing him on being nominated for a ministerial post, while he was commuting in a public bus in Kathmandu's Ringroad, and ends with him leaving the government quarters back to his rented apartment, as stated in the statement.

UML leader Pandit, who hails from southern plains, says after seeing corruption and mal practices everywhere after becoming minister compelled him to bring change within the Civil Service.