His expression

KATHMANDU: Paul Oakenfold is one of the forces that shaped electronic music. And this is how he expresses himself.

“I grew up in rock music. I played piano, bass and guitar; my father is a musician. Electronic music for me is very expressive,” he shared. “If you are a keyboard or guitar player which I was, you are playing one sound.

When you are a DJ, you tell a musical journey, you tell a story, you paint a picture. And the picture you paint is never the same. That’s how you emotionally feel. That appealed to me. I loved that.”

Being a DJ is being a “lot more creative and challenging”. In his three-decade story, he has etched music with some of the greatest names including U2, Madonna. Of this he expressed, “I have learnt a lot actually. I am very lucky they asked me to produce work,” adding “Second of all, learn to step back in life and listen. And you will learn. Ask yourself why are you in the room with these people — you bring something to the table. When you bring something to the table, step out and share. Listen but also step up because you are there for reason.”

Oakenfold has also been nominated for two Grammys (Creamfields — 2004 and A Lively Mind — 2007). And his film credits include music for Swordfish, The Matrix Reloaded, Pirates of the Caribbean, Die Another Day, Planet Of The Apes, The Bourne Identity and Shrek II.