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Change Nepal needs now

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After all the difficulties Nepal faced in 2015, all of us are looking forward to a better, brighter and more positive year. So, what kind of changes do you wish to see this year? Till you ponder on this, some known personalties — who have made invaluable contribution to bring positive change in the country — share with The Himalayan Times about their version of

Mahabir Pun

Courtesy: Saurav Dhakal

Change you wish for 2016

I want to see the reinstatement of peace in the country. For that, let this Madhesh protest and economic blockade end. Black marketing should also be stopped.

How is it possible?

People in the country have negative thoughts and are more selfish. If people’s negative attitude is changed, then attaining aforementioned changes is not difficult. An individual should contribute in the area where s/he is skilled. If everyone keeps on fulfilling their responsibilities at an individual level, this could finally bring change in family, community, society and the whole nation. There isn’t a sole idea that guides people to bring change from an individual level. But working in an area which interests the individual will help.

Your contribution

I have been working to bring quality education in the community schools in villages so that youths migrating to foreign countries searching for jobs and opportunities could be stopped. I also have been working to promote tourism with concept of community based eco tourism. To narrow down the gap of science and technology in the remote villages and to maximise its benefit, I have been working for wireless Nepal. I am working to find ways to establish innovative centre to nurture the young.

— Mahabir Pun, Chairman, Nepal Wireless

Saurav DhakalChange you wish for in 2016

I hope in 2016, Nepal can cultivate, attract and retain talent, expanding economic opportunities and creating a robust culture of civic engagement and culture of inquiry.

How Is it possible?

After this massive earthquake there are big opportunities to build our places with modern facilities and services in quake affected areas. We can build every village as smart villages with modern facilities if youths can be retained and be inspired to work for their villages with different economic activities. Utilisation of different skills and energy from people around Nepal especially fresh ideas could be an individual contribution.

Immediately after the earthquake, Nepalis from all walks of life, particularly the youths, came together to help their fellow citizens like never before. Many are continuing to do it even now as different youth-led initiatives are addressing winter difficulties of earthquake-hit areas. If we can start small and big initiatives from individual level it’s a good time to start.

Your contribution

We are collecting inspiring stories and series which can inspire people and promote places. We are working with young minds who want to contribute to build their place after April 25 earthquake of 2015 with the campaign called ‘Build Your Own Place’. This campaign was started to support rebuilding in earthquake affected communities. We are aiming to facilitate connection between those in need of support and those providing support — to help these villagers get enough help for rebuilding their village. And we are doing it by sharing their stories openly to the potential supporters through StoryCycle.

—Saurav Dhakal, Founder StoryCycle

Aruna UpretiChange you wish for in 2016
I want to see far-sighted political leaders in Nepal with a vision for country’s development. I want to see election at local administrative level to minimise the difficulty of common people. The government is giving license to run medical education to those institutions which do not qualify to do so — I wish such practice ends in 2016. I also hope Nepali women’s health will be upgraded.

How Is it possible?
During this fuel crisis people have developed a solution of using less fuel — walking shorter distances, carpooling, less consumption and so on. I have met people who have been able to reduce their blood pressure and sugar level just by walking a kilometre daily post fuel crisis. Most of us have started to grow own vegetables in the garden or terrace. Thus, people can identify solution to every other problem on their own and bring change.

Your contribution
I am using less fuel and energy. I will continue carpooling. In 2016, I want to publish a book after researching on home-made medicines. I will continue to advocate about healthy eating and using own resources that will help reduce the problem of malnutrition among children.

Dr Aruna Upreti, Health Right Activist

Rekha ThapaChange you wish for in 2016

Let the devastated buildings and cultural heritages be reconstructed in 2016. I hope Nepalis would be conscious and become independent.

How is it possible?

It is possible to bring change but people must have love for their country. Unity among the people too will help to achieve change. Anyone working in their respective fields can make a contribution from their side.

Increasing awareness among people is one of the guiding forces to contribute for bringing change in the country.

Your contribution

Making movies on themes of women empowerment, giving employment through film-making and production, and helping people to become independent are some of my contributions for the country.

— Rekha Thapa, Actor/Film-maker

Anil Chitrakar

Photo: THT

Change you wish for in 2016

We already have new ideas on how to develop our country and what to do but we failed to implement those ideas. It’s time to implement those ideas with better vision and be independent in producing enough food and energy for ourselves.

Is it possible?

Change is possible when we translate failure as our lesson to learn and correct it with positive thinking. At an individual level people have to change their mindset, and regard all jobs as equal. We don’t need political leaders or persons with PhD degree to develop our country. What we need is skilled people.

Your contribution

I will continue to mentor young generation for positive thinking and development. I work as consultant, and I recommend developing sector such as banks on how they should invest. I will continue doing so while also working on innovative technology to find solution for the problems in rural area. I will continue making own chlorine to purify drinking water in rural areas.

— Anil Chitrakar, Social Entrepreneur

Pradip Khatiwada

Photo: THT

Change you wish for in 2016

I would like to see Nepal giving more emphasis on hydropower, solar power and wind energy production. The goals of making the country independent of fossil fuel should be accomplished. Reconstruction, rebuilding of destroyed cultural and religious monuments should be emphasised. Ongoing protest in Tarai must end fulfilling genuine demands. Discrimination based on race, caste, ethnicity, and religion should end. I want to see Nepal following the path of sustainable development giving more emphasis on greener alternatives, promoting Nepal as a green destination of the world.

How is it possible?

In order to attain the change, an individual while doing business should give importance towards environment, economy and inclusion. If a person believes s/he shouldn’t harm the environment then the environment never gets polluted. Inclusion, economy and environment will guide people to contribute to bring change from an individual level.

Your contribution

Preserving environment by not using plastic bags and working for its effective implementation together with Environment Protection Committee (EPC=), Ministry of Environment, Science and Technology and Environment Division are my contributions. I am also working for earthquake victims by constructing resilient homes, distributing relief materials and medicines and creating leaders through impact leadership development course.

— Pradip Khatiwada, Social Activist

Binod shahi

Photo: THT

Change you wish for in 2016

I would want to see youths making efforts to understand the living style of people of rural areas. Also I would wish to see a year where people are focused on productive works instead of blaming one another.

How Is it possible?

Modernisation has made our lifestyle complicated and in this time of crisis we should learn how to live simple. People should go to rural areas and see how they have adapted themselves to nature, without modern technology. They are dependent on local resources and live a simple yet content life.

We heard news of people dying due to cold in Kathmandu. But we don’t hear the same news of Dolpa though Dolpa is colder than Kathmandu. It’s because people there know how to warm themselves and their houses — with their age-old knowledge. Such practical knowledge can guide us to positive change.

Your contribution

I am looking forward to expanding Dolpa programme where we are running schools at Dolpa with the contribution of Nepali people. I am collecting education material from here to support 500 students there. And I am working with the families of Pharping to work with their own resources.

— Binod Shahi Nepa (Bid), Social Activist





A version of this article appears in print on January 03, 2016 of The Himalayan Times.

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