Nepal | May 27, 2020

Personal grooming made easy

Jessica Rai
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KATHMANDU: With the lockdown on, we perhaps may not be paying much attention to personal grooming. However, Binita Tamrakar, Owner of Panache Beauty Salon, Krishna Galli, says it is important even if we have become lazy and not going outside of our homes.

“Personal grooming doesn’t only mean looking good and beautiful for parties and gatherings,” shares Tamrakar. As it reflects your personality, “it is about taking care of yourself from your hair, skin, hands and feet to what you are wearing, and keeping yourself clean and hygienic”.

Our time-table has changed but Tamrakar advises all to wear clean clothes, take care of one’s skin and hair and lead a healthy life.

“You might be getting up late, but take a shower, be fresh, meditate for a stress-free day,” suggests Tamrakar. “Drink lukewarm water mixed with honey and lemon to detoxify and burn fat. Or you can drink two glasses of lukewarm water on an empty stomach.”

She recommends not missing out on sunscreen to avoid pigmentation, allergies and other problems. “Cleanse your face and apply toner, moisturiser as per your skin type, then apply sunscreen.”

Reapply sun block every three hours, she adds.

Tamrakar shares a few homemade packs for glowing skin — yoghurt and ground coffee (for uneven tone), yoghurt, parsley and baking soda (for sunburn), and cocoa powder, mashed bananas, milk and ground oats (for pigmentation). “Leave these packs on for 15-20 minutes,” she advises before washing it off.

For your hair her suggestions are a mixture of egg and few drops of castor oil (you can add lemon too), or just yoghurt, leave it on for 30 minutes before shampooing.

Or “you can oil your hair one hour before bathing — heat the oil and massage it gently with fingertips”.  Twice a week will give better results.

If you’ve run out of serum, make your own by mixing “a few drops of mild oils like baby oil with a few drops of water,
apply it on wet hair”.

A manicure and pedicure at home is also possible. “Remove old nail polish, cut your nails giving shape by filing. Apply moisturising cream or olive oil or cuticle cream on the cuticles using cotton buds. Soak your hands or feet in lukewarm water mixed with hair shampoo, Dettol for antiseptic properties, and lemon juice, for 10-15 minutes,” she suggests. “Using a cuticle pusher, push back the skin from nail beds, if there is dead skin, cut it with a cuticle cutter. Then wash,” she says.

Follow with scrubbing your hands/feet gently for five minutes. If you don’t have a scrub, make one by mixing sugar, lemon juice and olive oil. After washing it off, make a mask for your hands/feet. “Mix honey, milk and rice powder to make a pack for hands and feet — leave it for 15 minutes before washing.”After putting in the pack  brush your nails with a brush and shampoo.

Finally wash hands/feet and apply moisturiser. If you want, you can apply nail polish. Tamrakar suggests putting a base coat, double coat of your preferred nail polish and top coat for the best result.

Tamrakar advises people to avoid fatty and fried food, to drink seven-eight glasses of water, and apply moisturiser after washing hands.

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