Pick and choose

If you’re looking to replace your ride every other year, then buying a second-hand vehicle could be the right option


People like small hatchbacks for city driving because of its size and fuel efficiency whereas some prefer SUVs because of its ability to take on different types of terrains but not everyone can buy multiple vehicles for different purposes. Choice in vehicles tend to sway when it comes to allocating budget to buy a new one, many have to compromise with the quality of vehicle because of their budget.

The second-hand market is a platform for people who like to change their ride more often and for people who are looking for a premium quality vehicle at a reasonable price. To spend an exorbitant amount of money to buy a mediocre car when you can buy a used high-end car for roughly the same price, does not bode well with many car lovers.

Buying a second-hand vehicle is more for people who look to change their ride every once in a while. Sadhu Ram Dhakal, Senior Sales Officer at Nepal Wheels Pvt Ltd says “Buying a brand new vehicle and selling it after driving it a couple of years will set you back by a significant amount. You must have a mindset toward driving the same vehicle for five to 10 years if you prefer buying a brand new car. This way you’ll not lose on investment, but if you are buying a second-hand vehicle at a cheaper price the depreciation won’t affect you much.” Dhakal adds, “Drop in resell price of a vehicle depends on the brand; expensive Japanese brands such as Toyota and Nissan have a very good resell value compared to that of an Indian brand.”

It’s nice to have an option of diving into the second-hand market to find your fit, but it is not an easy task to find a well-conditioned vehicle. Dhakal says, “Everything is shiny and clean from the outside, you can’t make a decision based on the cosmetics of a car. There are a few major factors you have to weigh in before buying a second-hand vehicle. For example, has the car ever been involved in a major accident or not, is the engine working properly or not, is everything in the interior still intact, what purpose the vehicle was mostly used for, et cetera.” Susham Bir Bhujel who used to own a second-hand vehicle says “It is obvious that a second-hand vehicle won’t be in a perfect condition compared to a showroom piece. You don’t know how the previous owner treated his car which lowers your confidence in buying the car.” He adds, “You need to do extensive research on the model you are looking for and approach multiple sellers to compare the price.”