Reading you in your fries

The way you eat French fries can reveal bits about your personality! If you don’t like any mess around and prefer eating one piece of fry at a time, there are chances you’re detail-oriented. Or if you’re among those who take a handful of fries together, maybe you have a worried mind, says an expert.

Chef Tushar from McCain Foods Kitchen has shared the personality traits revealed through your eating habits:

One at a time: If one does not like any mess around their food and prefer eating one piece of fry at a time no matter in what a hurry they are, then they are in for a treat. Such a tendency reveals that such people are detail-oriented, light-hearted, keen and observant. Most people who eat one fry at a time have a lot of time on their hands and are not much worried about the fast running universe around them. They also like day-dreaming and have a laid back attitude.

Two words perfect for you: Chilled out, stress free

Handful to go: This kind of a habit can be a key indicator towards a person’s worried mind. It is said that the people who stuff their mouth with more than two or three fries at a time are hyperactive in nature. They are always high on life, excited and constantly in a hurry. They will not only laugh out loud but will always cry at the same pitch. People like these are highly emotional and are always worried about what people think of them.

Two words perfect for you: Restless, self-conscious

Absolutely no hands: There is a certain category of people who will not touch their food! They will use all the possible means of utensils around them to eat their fries. A very prominent trait of such people is that they are critical. They are also control freaks, will take charge of everything around them and will plan the whole thing in advance. They will make you feel relaxed since they will be worrying about most of the stuff.

Two words perfect for you: Paranoid, focused

Garnish and seasoning: There is a group of people who cannot do with just fries. They would want to garnish it with all sorts of seasoning. From just salt and pepper to peri-peri, oregano and chilli flakes, these kind of people always want more in their life. They have a tendency to get bored easily and always need constant motivation. Such people are also explorers and seek happiness in the smallest of things.

Two words perfect for you: Rovers, Confident

Some dips: Eating fries without dips is a big no for some. From ketchup to exotic Thai chilli sauce, these people would want some dip to go with their fries. A very basic trait of this category is that they love to spend. They are also relaxed beings and tend to make friends easily. They are independent, outgoing and big chatterboxes.

Two words perfect for you: Gregarious, Conversationalist.