cosmetic surgery NEW DELHI: There has been a 60 per cent increase in the number of cosmetic surgeries by the youth across India in the last one month ahead of the Valentine’s Day on February 14, doctors said on February 12. They said the surge is mostly due to the youth’s propensity for easy ways out to look better and also the availability of cosmetic surgeries at a reasonable price. “The sudden increase of cosmetic surgeries by the youth especially during the Valentine Day’s month is a surprise. Women in their early 20s are looking for breast implants (with permission from their parents). “Having a good cleavage is the most common aesthetic end point today for the young women,” said Mohan Thomas, senior cosmetic surgeon at Cosmetic Surgery Institute and Breach Candy Hospital. According to the doctors, the need for cosmetic results have arisen because of the fast results sought by the young, who otherwise are reluctant to adopt health lifestyle that can fulfil their wish naturally. “There are requests for breast augmentation, liposuction and sometimes both. We need to cater to these requests. The trend currently is photo rejuvenation, where in just one sitting of 15-20 minutes you can find yourself glowing like never before,” said Vinod Vij, cosmetic surgeon at Clinique Asthetica and Fortis hospital. Currently, the cosmetic surgeries relating to skin and several other minor procedures cost around INRs 8,000- INRs 9,000 only in India. “The demand for cosmetic surgeries increases around the Valentine’s Day, especially due to discounts of up to 15-20 per cent on offer. The trend is seen not just in women, but men too are equally feeling the need to look better,” said Aamod Rao, another cosmetic surgeon. According to Rao, six-pack abs among men and Botox injections among women are commonly requested procedures.